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Family Run Cash & Carry Established 1963.

We are based in West Bromwich specialising in CAKES, BISCUITS and CONFECTIONERY, we also stock CRISPS, SNACKS, GROCERIES and SOFT DRINKS.

New arrivals

Double Choc Crunch Bites

P/W Double Choc Crunch Bites x12

Salt Caramel Billionaire Bites

P/W Salt Caramel Billionaire Bites x12

Sweeties Gum Ball Tub

Sweeties Gum Ball Tub x12

S4U Fruit Salad

S4U Fruit Salad x1

S4U Milk Choc Caramels

S4U Milk Choc Caramels x1

S4U Milk Bottle

S4U Milk Bottle x1

S4U Wham Chews

S4U Wham Chews x1

S4U Butter Mintoes

S4U Butter Mintoes x1

Fruit Cake

INvite Fruit Cake 5PK x16

Jammie Dodgers Mini Pack

Burtons Jammie Dodger Mini 20g x6 x8

Fox Nice Biscuits

Foxs Nice 200g x20

Fox's Ginger Crinkle Crunch

Foxs Crinkle Ginger Crunch 200g x12

Wagon Wheel Original

Wagon Wheels Orig 6pk x24

Jammie Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheels Jammie 6pk x 24

Robinson Lemon

Robinsons Barley Water Lemon 850ml x8

Sweeties Assorted Laces Tub

Sweeties Assorted Laces Tub x12

Sweeties Sour Belts Tub

Sweeties Sour Belts Tub x12

Thurstons Choco Wheels

Thurston Choco Wheels x12

M&M's Peanut

M&M's Peanut 100g x30

Disney Frozen Ice Pops

Disney Frozen Ice Pops 10Pk x 20

Mountain Dew Ice Lemon & Lime

Mountain Dew Ice Lemon & Lime Can x12

Mountain Dew Code Red

Mountain Dew Code Red 355ml Can x12

Baker Boys Choc Chip Cookie

Baker Boys Choc Chip Cookie x12

Baker Boys Dottitop Cookie

Baker Boys Dottitop Cookie x12

Baker Boys Double Choc Chip Cookie

Baker Boys Double Choc Chip Cookie x12


Rose Trolls Plastic Surprise Eggs x 18

Dime Bar (Daim)

Dime Bar (Daim) 28g x36

Doritos  Lightly Salted

Doritos Lightly Salted x 32

Foxs Rocky Caramel

Foxs Rocky Caramel 8Pk x24

Maryland Mini's 6pk

Maryland Minis Choc Chip 6Pk x8

TTB Blueberry Muffin Cookies

Take The Biscuit Blueberry Muffin Cookies w/ Chocolate x 16

Rose Zombie Teeth

Rose Zombie Rotten Teeth Pop x12

Unicorn Surprise Eggs

Rose Unicorn Plastic Surprise Eggs x 18

Rose Slurpy Monster Candy Roller

Rose Slurpy Monster x12


Rose Slurpy Monster x12

Rose Alien Big Spray

Rose Alien Big Spray x 12

Rose Alien Foam Spray

Rose Alien Foam Spray x 12

Rose Tango Splitz Fizz

Rose Tango Splitz Fizz x12

Sweeties Fizzy Cola Bottle

Sweeties Fizzy Cola Bottles Tub x12

Thurstons Chocolate Rings

Thurstons Chocolate Rings 7Pk x12

Thurstons Unicorn Strawberry Teacakes

Thurstons Unicorn Strawberry Teacakes 20pk x12

Gullon Sugar Free Fibre Biscuit

Gullon Sugar Free Fibre Biscuits x16

Fanta Orange 500ml

Fanta Orange 500ml x12

Maryland Double Choc Cookies

Maryland Double Choc 136g x20

Maryland Choc Chip Cookies

Maryland Choc Chip 136g x 20

Fanta Fruit Punch

Fanta Fruit Punch 355ml Can x12

Sweeties Jelly Hearts

Sweeties Jelly Heart Tub x12

TTB Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Take The Biscuit Double Chunk Cookie x24

Dr Pepper Cherry

Dr Pepper Cherry 355ml Can x12

Fizzy Dummies

Sweeties Fizzy Dummies Tub x12

Yorkie Original 3 Pack

Yorkie 3pk x1

Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit

Yorkie Raisin 3pk x1

Sweetie Fried Eggs

Sweeties Fried Egg Tub x12

Gullon Maria 3pk

Gullon Maria 3pk 600g x10

Dr Pepper Vanilla

Dr Pepper Vanilla Float 355ml Can x12

Fanta Grape

Fanta Grape 355ml x12

A&W Root Beer

A&W Root Beer Can x12

Sweeties Snakes

Sweeties Jelly Snakes Tub x12

Sweeties Teeth

Sweeties Gummy Teeth Tub x12

Mountain Dew Original

Mountain Dew Original Can x12

Mountain Dew Voltage

Mountain Dew Voltage Can x12

Extra Strong Mints

S4U Extra Strong Mints x1

Dark Chocolate Mint Creams

S4U Eliz Shaw Dark Cream x1

Hills Orange Creams

Hills Bisc Creams Orange x36

Hills Custard Creams

Hills Bisc Creams Custard x36

Hills Strawberry Creams

Hills Bisc Creams Strawberry x36

Hills Chocolate Creams

Hills Bisc Creams Choc x36

Hills Coconut Creams

Hills Bisc Creams Coconut x36

Honey Flavoured Cashews

Yummy Yum Honey Cashew x10

Fanta Lemon Can

Fanta Lemon 330ml Can x 24

Fanta Orange 330ml Can

Fanta Orange 330ml Can x 24

Chupa Chups Lolly Stand

Chupa Stand x200

Lion Bar Twin Pack

Lion Bar Twin Pk 60g x28

Diet Pepsi 600ml

Pepsi Diet 600ml PET x24

Hot Dog Rolls

Deli Hot Dog Roll 4pk x 10

Plain Burger Buns

Deli Plain Burger Buns 6pk x8

Mega Burger Buns with Sesame Seeds

Deli Mega Burger Buns 4pk x7

Burger Buns with Sesame Seeds

Deli Ses Burger Buns 6pk x8

McVities White Chocolate Digestive Nibbles

Mcv Digestive Nibbles White Choc x7

Milka Joyfills

Joyfills Milka 90g x8

Raspberry Mini Rolls

Raspberry Mini Roll x12

S/Circle Jelly Mix

S/Circle Jelly Mix x1

Cadbury Star Bar

Cadbury Star Bar 49g x32

Twix White

Twix White 46g x32

Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter

Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter x36


Kinnerton Choc Lollys x27

Simpsons Freeze Pops

Simpsons Freeze Pops 18PK x15

Milka Caramel Peanut

Milka Caramel Peanut 37g x24

Pepsi 500ml

Pepsi 500ml x12

Fanta Shokata

Fanta Eldberry & Lemon 500ml x 12

Choc Waffle Cake

INvite Choc Waffle Cake 6PK x16

Choc Donut Cake

INvite Choc Donut Cake 6PK x12

Lyons Toffypops

Lyons Toffypops 120g x18

Hobnob Chocolate Flapjack

Mcv Hobnob Choc Flapjack 5PK x10

McVities Hobnobs Mini Teacakes

Mcv Hob Nob Mini Teacakes Bites Tubs 210g x6

Jacobs Red Leicester Mini Cheddars

Jacob's M/Cheddar Red Leics 6pk x12

Assorted Whirls

S/Circle Assorted Whirls x1

Milk Chocolate Teacakes

P/W Mallow Tubs (teacakes) x18

Danish Style Butter Cookies

Thurstons Danish Butter Cookies Tin 150g x1

Mint Flavoured Boiled Sweets

Foxs Glacier Mints 130g x12


Top Sellers

Crawford Cheese Savouries

Crawfords Cheese Savouries 325g x10

Golden Wonder Transformer Snax Spicy

Golden Wonder Trans Snax Spicy 8/6 x12

Mini Cheddars BBQ

Jacob's Mini Cheddars BBQ 6pk x12

Kit Kat 4 finger 3pk+1

Kit Kat 4 finger 3pk+1 x1

McV Tasties Custard Creams

McV Tasties Custard Creams 300g x 24

McVities Jaffa Cakes

McVitie's Jaffa Cakes 80% Extra Free x9

New Crown Cherry Slice

New Crown Cherry Slice x1


Radnor Hills Strawberry x24


Rose Vimto Big Candy Spray x12

Shires Strawberry Wafers

Shires Strawberry Wafers x12

Simpsons Freeze Pops

Simpsons Freeze Pops 18PK x15

Amour Chocolate Waffle

Waffle Amour Chocolate 5PK x12


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