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Family Run Cash & Carry Established 1963.

We are based in West Bromwich specialising in CAKES, BISCUITS and CONFECTIONERY, we also stock CRISPS, SNACKS, GROCERIES and SOFT DRINKS.

New arrivals

Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter x36


Kinnerton Choc Lollys x27

Simpsons Freeze Pops

Simpsons Freeze Pops 18PK x15

Milka Caramel Peanut

Milka Caramel Peanut 37g x24

Pepsi 500ml

Pepsi 500ml x12

Fanta Shokata

Fanta Eldberry & Lemon 500ml x 12

Choc Waffle Cake

INvite Choc Waffle Cake 6PK x16

Choc Donut Cake

INvite Choc Donut Cake 6PK x12

Lyons Toffypops

Lyons Toffypops 120g x18

Hobnob Chocolate Flapjack

Mcv Hobnob Choc Flapjack 5PK x10

McVities Hobnobs Mini Teacakes

Mcv Hob Nob Mini Teacakes Bites Tubs 210g x6

Jacobs Red Leicester Mini Cheddars

Jacob's M/Cheddar Red Leics 6pk x12

Assorted Whirls

S/Circle Assorted Whirls x1

Milk Chocolate Teacakes

P/W Mallow Tubs (teacakes) x18

Danish Style Butter Cookies

Thurstons Danish Butter Cookies Tin 150g x1

Mint Flavoured Boiled Sweets

Foxs Glacier Mints 130g x12

Fruit Flavoured Boiled Sweets

Foxs Glacier Fruits 130g x12

Rose Fruit Flavour Sugar Free Candy Roller with Sweetener

Rose Bullet Roll x12

Lyons Digestive 400g

Lyons Digestive 400g x21

7UP Cherry

7 Up Cherry 355ml Can x12

Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla 355ml Can

Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla 355ml Can x12

Fanta Strawberry

Fanta Strawberry 355ml Can x12

Fanta Pineapple

Fanta Pineapple 355ml Can x12

Fanta Green Apple

Fanta Green Apple 355ml Can x12

Fanta Grapefruit

Fanta Grapefruit 355ml Can x12

Fanta Apple

Fanta Apple 355ml Can x12

Devonvale Un-Iced Flapjack Selection

Devonvale Un-Iced Flapjack Selection x24

Assorted Devonvale Iced Flapjacks:

Devonvale Iced Flapjack Selection x24

Coca Cola (coke) 500ml

Coca Cola (coke) 500ml x 12

200g Gourmet Jelly Beans

Original Jelly Beans Cup x12

Gourmet Jelly Beans

Original Jelly Beans 100g x24

200g Tropical Bonanza Jelly Beans

Fruit Cocktail Jelly Beans Cup x12

Fruit Cocktail Jelly Beans

Fruit Cocktail Jelly Beans 100g x24

McV Tasties Coconut Rings

McV Tasties Coconut Rings 300g x30

Fanta Raspberry & Passionfruit

Fanta Rasp & Passion Fruit 330ml x24

Fanta Strawberry & Kiwi

Fanta Straw & Kiwi 330ml x24

Fanta Exotic

Fanta Exotic 330ml x24

Rowntrees Randoms

Rowntrees Randoms 50g x36

Chocolate Brownie with chocolate flavour chips

Baker Boys Brownie x24

S/Circle Joystixx

S/Circle Joystixx x1

S4U Foam Shrimps

S4U Foam Shrimps x1

McV Tasties Custard Creams

McV Tasties Custard Creams 300g x 24

Robinson 2ltr Summer Fruit

Robinson 2ltr Summer Fruit x6

Mcv Hobnob Choc Slice

Mcv Hobnob Choc Slice 5PK x10

Chocolate Cake

Mcv Choc Cake PMP £1 x8

Moments Honeycomb Crunch Square

Moments Honeycomb Crunch Square 4Pk x8

Mcvities Digestive Caramel Slice

Mcv Digestive Caramel Slice 5PK x10

Ginger Cake

Mcv Ginger Cake x8

Exploding Rocket Spray

Rose Exploding Rocket Spray x9

Mcv Jaffa Cake Bar 5PK

Mcv Jaffa Cake Bar 5PK PMP £1.49 x12

Milk chocolate tiffin bites

Mcv Choc Digs Tiffin Bites Tub 324gx6

Penguin Cake Bar

Penguin Cake Bar 5Pk x12

Mcvities Golden Syrup Cake

McvGolden Syrup Cake x8

McV Tasties Ginger Nuts

McV Tasties Ginger Nuts 300g x24

McV Tasties Bourbon Creams

McV Tasties Bourbon Creams 300g x24

Moments Salted Caramel Billionaire Square

Moments Salted Caramel Billionaire Square 4pk x8

Mcv Digs Cara Crispies Tubs

Mcv Digs Cara Crispies Tubs 304gx6

Misshape Jaffa Nibbles

Misshape Jaffa Nibbles x24

Bassetts Jelly Babies

Bassetts Jelly Babies 165g PM£1 x12

Maynards Wine Gums

Maynards Wine Gums 165g PM£1 x12

Elm Spring Water

Elm Spring Still Water 500ml 6pk x4

Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs

Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs 130g PM£1 x12

McV Tasties Shorties

McV Tasties Shorties 300g x24

Liquorice Allsorts

Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts 165g PM£1 x12

Coolmore Salted Caramel

Coolmore Lux Salted Caramel x6

Bounty Funsize

S4U Bounty Funsize x1

PJ Masks Gummies

PJ Masks Gummies 45g x24

Peppa Pig Gummies

Peppa Pig Gummies 45g x24

Bazooka Bubble Gum Lolly

Bazooka Bubble Gum Lolly 140g x12

Bazooka Mini Chew Bars

Bazooka Mini Chew Bars 120g x 12

Yummys Candy Floss

Rose Yummys Candy Floss 50g x6

Travel Sweet Tins Strawberry

Travel Sweet Tins Strawberry x10

Travel Sweet Tins Multi Vitamin

Travel Sweet Tins Multi Vitamin x10

Travel Sweet Tins Wild Berry

Travel Sweet Tins Wild Berry x10

Travel Sweet Tins Fruit

Travel Sweet Tins Fruit x10

Travel Sweet Tins Cherry

Travel Sweet Tins Cherry x10

Travel Sweet Tins Citrus

Travel Sweet Tins Citrus x10

Travel Sweet Tins Assorted Fruit

Travel Sweet Tins Assorted x10

Rose Candy Castle Crew Trash Candy

Rose Candy Castle Crew Trash Candy x12

Sweet Peanuts

S/Circle Sweet Peanut x1

S/Circle Choc Fudge

S/Circle Choc Fudge x 1

S4U Banana  Eclair

S4U Banana Eclair x1

S4U Aniseed Twist

S4U Aniseed Twist x1

Peppa Pig Marshmallows

Peppa Pig Marshmallows x16

Chocolate Misfits

Chocolate Misfits 325g x24

Independent Refuse Sacks

Independent Refuse Sacks 20Pk x1

Hills Bisc Ginger

Hills Bisc Ginger 150g x12


Freedom Aloe Vera 9pk Toilet Roll x5

Hills Ginger Biscuits

Hills Ginger Biscuits x36

Heinz Sweet BBQ Sauce

Heinz Sweet BBQ Sauce x10

Heinz Hot Chilli Ketchup

Heinz Chilli Ketchup x10

Rowntrees Randoms Sour Pouch

Rowntrees Randoms Sour Pouch 150g x8

Fanta Cherry

Fanta Cherry 355ml Can x12

Walker's Toffee Banana

Walker's Toffee Banana 50g x24

Walker's Toffee Liquorice

Walker's Toffee Liquorice 50g x24

Walker's Toffee Creamy 50g

Walker's Toffee Creamy 50g x24

Walk Toffee Brazill Nut

Walk Toffee Brazill Nut 50g x24

Sardines in Tomato Sauce

The Good Fish Co Sardines Tom Sauce 425g x24

Coles Double Choc Chip Cookie

Coles Double Choc Chip Cookie x20

Coles Chocolate Chip Cookies with Real Chocolate Chips

Coles Choc Chip Cookie x20


Top Sellers

New Crown Genoa Cake

New Crown Genoa x1


Zodiac Pops 330ml Bubblegum x12

KP Choc Dips

KP Choc Dips x12

Perfectly Clear Strawberry Water

Perfectly Clear Strawberry 4Pk x6

Pearls Signature Iced Bakewell

Pearls Signature Iced Bakewell x6

Coronet Chocolate Swiss Roll

Coronet Chocolate Swiss Roll x8

Coronet Strawberry Swiss Roll

Coronet Strawberry Swiss Roll x8

Mr Mash

Mr Mash 300g x12

Black Country Big Bag Pork Crunch

Black Country Big Bag Pork Crunch x 15

Cream Pies

Rose Cream Pie 3pk x 20


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